Understand the concepts

What ?

is an app that syncs contents, advertisements,links for e- commerce and social medias with invisible layers behind what is being shown on the monitor of mobile phones/ tablets/ laptops and smart TVs .

By clicking on top of an image that is being shown on the screen of your device, you will be able to connect and interact with these hidden layers . You can tag things on them and then send that image with what you wrote on and post it on your social media network.

The same goes for advertisements, by clicking on top of an item it will say what it is ,what brand it is and where to buy it close to where your at . All these infos are hidden in these invisible layers. Basically there are two layers. One for advertisements and informations and the second for social interaction. This opens a whole new world of advertising possibilities.

Why ?

With the increasing world of video on demand, advertisements will loose their commercial breaks and this will be a solution for the loss of that media time .

With telll.me , all internet content , even photos will have extra dimensions with these layers .

Now videos and photos online will be able to have lots of interactions on these layers hidden including shopping online.

The good thing about it is , these layers are not invasive because they can only be visible by clicking on top of any given image on the monitor of your device or you can assign a second device such as a smartphone or tablet to receive these hidden layers.

This way you can see all the info without the necessity of stopping the video on your smart TV to click on an image. Your secondary device will receive the infos in real time synchronised with the content being watched on the primary device .

will generate curiosity. People love to browse, they will want to see the hidden layers of content behind every video or photo and it will be a new environment for social interactions.

Who ?

Consumers , advertising agencies, film producers will benefit with Films producers will be able now to generate extra revenue from their investments before the film is being released and also long after.

Now old movies can have new advertisements , infos on actors,scenes etc... and also social networking.

You can use telll.me on live shows that have synchronisation with events such as lights,videos and music. Now your online device will receive info during the performance . Example: On a particular song you can post “on the count of 4 every body shouts Hey Hey” .“4,3,2,1 HEY HEY !!” and everybody will be in sync shouting Hey Hey .

The social media network layer in telll.me will be anther cool media because now you can write a comment on a particular scene of a movie and post on your social network. That also works with photos.

Ex: While watching a movie there is a scene of a beautiful beach and now you can write on the image and share it . Now all your photos can have comments and links hidden in and only people allowed will have access to these posts even if these photos are on Instagram or FB they can have these hidden layers.

Your photos and videos can have advertising revenue if they link to a purchase or advertisement.